Licht, mehr Licht! takes the form of a corridor criss-crossed by hundreds of animated beams of light. The audience is invited to cross the installation to physically enter the work. Synchronized to sound, the environment becomes sensitive, drawing shifting perspectives and playing with the limits of our perceptions. Thanks to a diffuse fog, light seems palpable. It draws boundaries between the visible and the invisible, between physical and mental spaces, to create a hypnotic, spellbinding universe.
Licht, mehr Licht! (Light, more light!) were the last words spoken by Goethe, the German novelist and optical scientist. This mysterious testament is reminiscent of near-death experiences and the many reports of recurring light tunnels.

Concept & design: Guillaume Marmin
Music: Philippe Gordiani & Eve Risser
Coproduction: Biennale Nemo, Tetro+A, Stereolux, YAM, Puzzle.