ORFEO 5063


Jérôme Correas and Guillaume Marmin revisit several of Monteverdi’s masterworks, transposing them into a hypnotic staging. Far from the traditional formalism of opera, this musical program is constructed and performed around a film inspired by the myth of Orpheus. Through drone-filmed sequences, Monteverdi’s music travels through the history of art and humanity.

Music: Claudio Monteverdi
Stage direction, scenography and film: Guillaume Marmin
Musical direction: Jérôme Correas

Sopranos: Jehanne Amzal, Anne Sophie Honoré
Ténors: Jean-François Lombard, Jordan Mouaïssia, Antonin Rondepierre
Baritone: Matthieu Heim
Violins: Yuna Lee, Julia Boyer
Violas da gamba: Olivia Gutherz, Marjolaine Cambon
Cello: Nicolas Crnjanski
Double Bass: Franck Ratajczyk
Theorbo: Benjamin Narvey
Organ & Harpschord: Sam Crowther

Technical Crew: Wilfried Breard, Gil Savoy, Mael Pinard, Joan Giner, Vincent Pouplard

Production: Les Paladins
With the support of: Angers pousse le son, Biennale Némo, Stereolux.

Pictures: Quentin Chevrier, Guillaume Marmin