This traveling installation reveals a framed perspective on each exhibition site. The interior space multiplies the exterior environment according to the viewer’s point of view. Each viewer is invited to cross the work to see his own image infinitely multiplied through light and sound compositions. Geometric abstraction plays with the viewer’s physical movement, creating a distancing from his own body.

Concept and design: Guillaume Marmin
Sound design: Alex Augier
Technical Crew: Aurélien Jeanjean, Paolo Morvan, Maël Pinard, Xavier Seignard.
Production : TETRO+A & YAM
Artwork created in coproduction  with Chroniques Platform, Lieux Publics, Biennale Nemo/ Centquatre-Paris, Stereolux, Fête des Lumières, Jaeger-LeCoultre.
With the support of : Marfret & Komplex Kapharnaum.

Pictures : Quentin Chevrier, Gregoire Edouard, Guillaume Marmin, Brice Robert.